Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pastel Art

 Pastels are pretty commonly known and are very fun to work with. People using them create some amazing pieces of art.

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  1. Hi! the first pastel is really insightful! also the others are beautiful? Could I use the first with the little girls for a freeonline selfpublishing of short stories? It's an anthology of selected works of me and a lot of other student of a Creative writing course by the University of Iowa. The anthology should be organized by a former student with the forward of the famous Prof christopher Merril and published for free download on and without any commercial purpose apart of the cost of the paper for the real book version...If you're ok with it let me know so that I will add your picture beside my story "Shoes", about a little abandoned girl, and write your name under the picture and your details if you want!...I am an adult so feel free to don't reply me if not comfortable with it. In any case I wish you well and keep on drawing!!


    Sergio Falchi

    The University of Iowa MOOC creative writing program:

    Best and Greetings from Sardinia(Italy) ;)