Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Wooly Mammoth

I found this news article about a baby wooly mammoth that was found in Siberia so I made a story about her. Here it is:

                I was born 42,000 years ago. It was cold. Of course it was cold, I was in Siberia.  The terrain was hilly and icy and I had trouble walking. My mother was so nice to me and was always helping me out but I was so clumsy. I would trip over my own feet. But still, nothing could stop me from rambling in the snow. I loved it. When my mother called me back to her so I could eat, I would stay away, pretending I couldn’t hear.
                 When I was a month, we were passing Yuribey River and I was jumping and playing, having just eaten. My mother told me it was dangerous to play so near to the river muck. She said I could trip and fall into the muck and I wouldn’t be able to escape. I didn’t listen. That was my first big mistake. I went closer to the muck. That was my second mistake. “Come back here! You’re too close. Please, be careful!” My mother was nervous. And she was right to be nervous. I tripped. I told you I was clumsy. I fell. Then I slowly sank into the muck. It was minutes before I was finally released.
                Then I saw my mother. She was trumpeting and moaning but I couldn’t get her attention. She was still looking at the muck pit. I tried and tried but she would not stop looking at the muck pit. When she finally left with the rest of the pack, I was alone. But just for a while. I saw a white light on the horizon. It came closer and grew larger as I looked at it. It enveloped my small body and I blacked out. When I came to, I saw a flowing river. I was standing in a field. Then, I felt like I was being pushed but there was no one there. I started swimming to the other side of the river. When I reached the other side, I was exhausted. I fell to the ground and I was dizzy. A white mammoth walked up to me and then another white mammoth walked up to me, and then another. They picked me up and carried me into the middle of ten stone pillars.
                The pillars were made out of a rock that was unknown to me. They set me down on the ground. It was made out of rock too. In the center was a swirly blue sphere. In it was an impenetrable mist. When the mist cleared, I saw my mother and her pack roaming the hills. The white mammoths came up to me and signaled at the sphere. They told me that I was in the afterlife. I was confused and they showed me how the sphere worked. It sensed the people you missed and showed you them.
                I live in this fertile place that is bursting with knowledge. I have come to know much about my people. I knew little for I was a month old when I left the earth that I so loved. But now I know things that many mammoths don’t know. The elders teach everyone. And the elders are not just mammoths. They are all sorts of animals. And they all glow with wisdom. I am happy here in my afterlife. Who knows what will be next?
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Paper cuts- Rolls

I don't know much about these cool creations considdering all the sites I've found have just shown pictures but they are cool none the less.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ice Art

Ice art is so beautiful and amazing. Not many people would be able to carve a goose in the ice, let alone a clean square. It takes great skill to create this form of art.



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